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Henry& Karl Ostermeier back in 1957

I have re-published Great Hunting Adventures for my Dad book as he passed away in 1992 and left me a treasure trove of manuscripts to publish. He had 2 print books published prior to this. Both sold out in short order. I am disappointed they were not re-printed. But now that I have the publishing rights I am doing it.

One is written in German, “Kanadisches Jagdabenteuer – Dreißig Jahre im halbwilden Westen” (1985)and “Great Hunting Adventures”(1984).

This e-book featured here, Great Hunting Adventures, is compiled from his original work with a few changes. Great Hunting Adventures Volume II will be ready for publication soon as well as more volumes plus a novel he wrote set in Atlin BC.

Additionally, I will also be working on compiling all his work for Core Hunter Training and his conservation work with the Port Coquitlam & District Hunting and Fishing Club. I just found out from Sandy Lamberton that the Fish Hatchery on the Coquitlam River the club membership worked so hard to establish is called the Al Grist Hatchery.

Check out Al Grist Coquitlam River Fish Hatchery to learn more.

A lot of the work involved the federal and BC fisheries, and in particular saving the Coquitlam River and it’s tributaries from the destruction caused by gravel operations. This is also a big part of local and British Columbia history. Sandy Lamberton is still involved and feeds the fish at the hatchery on a regular basis.

He is pictured here with Karl Ostermeier, a very good family friend back in 1957. Karl and his wife, Em were very kind to us. Their kids, Ernie, Caroline and Ronnie were always fun to be around. The 7 years when we lived on 7th and Burrard in Vancouver in the old house we rented from Karl & Em were the best years of my life. Karl’s Pion Ironworks was there too, and Wayne Place & family lived next door. Wayne was also a hunting partner of Dad’s.

It was during thise years that my Dad decided to go to night school to learn creative writing. It is amazing how much writing he did in English because it was his second language. When he arrived in Canada in January of 1952 he only spoke German. I remember his teacher was Will Dawson. He practised his craft every day he could. Lorraine Harris was also a classmate of Dad’s and she went on to write and publish several books as well about British Columbia history.

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