Do You Love Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Adventures & Enjoy Reading About Them?

Like many young boys, Henry Prante’s imagination was stirred by tales of big game hunting in the Canadian wilderness. When he came to British Columbia in 1951, his dreams became a reality.

Dad loved to share his stories and hopefully this collection of adventures will ignite the imagination of a new generation of hunting enthusiasts and anyone who would enjoy a good adventure tale.

Join my Dad as he and his varied hunting partner/ friends go after B.C.’s great game — bear, sheep, deer, moose– and more!

His book is now available in EPUB / ebook format and has become available in other .mobi formats for ebook readers such as Sony and Kobo and Kindle. It has been distributed to Barnes and Noble Nook as well as others sellers and can be downloaded through them as well.

Henry E Prante’s ebook, “Great Hunting Adventures” is available directly from right now. I hope you decide to pick up your copy now. Thank you.

Great Hunting Adventures    

Promotional price: $1.02
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Expires: September 17, 2012

5 thoughts on “Do You Love Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Adventures & Enjoy Reading About Them?

    • Thanks Laurie. Yes Smashwords is amazing! Their “meatgrinder” program took that I submitted to them and makes the book available in so many other formats so it can be read even on a Kindle– plus other readers like Sony and Barnes and Nobles’ Kobo. Or just on the computer or on Iphone or Android. So many choices. Gotta love it!

  1. Hi Hella! I sent you mail..
    Nice view and I know u have that in your camera with you smiling…
    Nice book too..

    • Hi Grace. Thanks so much for all your help and taking our pictures too. You are amazing 🙂 I sure hope you enjoy your new life in Canada and in particular in Atlin BC. All the best to you and your husband and son 🙂 I hope to visit there again one day and will look for you!

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