Dedicated to Dear Old Dad From His Family Who Still Really Miss Him

Thank you for reading this site I am dedicating to my father, Henry E. Prante and the author of 2 books that were published in print. The first was Great Hunting Adventures (1984) and the second was Kanadisches Jagdabenteuer (1985) Both books sold out, but were not re-printed by the original publishers. It is available via

Let me know how you like it.

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It is my sincere hope that you will find this book as funny, inspiring and interesting as did his previous readership. If you have a copy of the first edition print version, and enjoyed it, please do comment on this blog about your reading experience and what you liked the best, and also if there was anything that could have been done differently. Your feedback means a lot to me.

I am very new to blogging and will be working on finding my own voice with regards to this subject of hunting and fishing while still endeavouring to bring my Dad’s written literary works forward, for your enjoyment–both previously published and as yet unpublished.

On this site I also will be providing British Columbia history and background information, in addition to providing a place that enables discussion about hunting and conservation and anything that you might be interested in along these lines.

My Dad was a very prolific author who literally wrote about his many hunting adventures and other interests every day– even if only on a napkin or any other scrap of paper he could find just so he wouldn’t forget— and then went home and typed out his ideas on an old typewriter with the 2-fingered hunt and peck method. He edited and re-typed his manuscripts many times as “Liquid Paper” was not available back then and correcting tape had just come out. He was published in various trade magazines over the years and did write “How-To” articles as well. I have all his works here in boxes and file cabinets along with thousands of slides and expect to have his next book, Great Hunting Adventures Vol II available shortly.

My brother, Ray Prante has been traveling all over Canada and taking a lot of interesting photos that will be posted here via Sliders and in Galleries The main ones will be from his trips all over British Columbia and the Yukon along the highways and bi-ways and the Alaska Highway. We both hope you enjoy them as well.

For a long time I was having difficulty understanding the hunting culture– but these days I realize that my Dad provided us with good, clean, healthy organic meat to eat over the many years he hunted on a regular basis. I used to think that he should just save the money he spent on his many “excursions” and equipment and just go and buy a cow or pig and some chickens.

Today, in hindsight, I know my Dad was on the right track because these days the food we all eat from the regular grocery store has become more and more adulterated by chemicals, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics. I believe these new foods on the shelves have crucially affected my health and I need to turn this around to recover from the damage.

When my Dad passed away on February 27, 1992 our families’ whole world changed. Our whole family misses him terribly and the grief over his passing has not ebbed over time. But, I am now able to consider everything he left me in his legacy in a different light.

I hope you will sign up to become a member of this site as I will be posting new stories to download for members regularly. Please let me know what topics you are interested in as well and if there is any way I can help provide that.

5 thoughts on “Dedicated to Dear Old Dad From His Family Who Still Really Miss Him

  1. I used to review Henry’s stories over coffee the morning after he had been up all night writing them. He always asked me “How was it?” I couldn’t say anything. The stories were all so great – humourous, exciting, interesting personalities and escapades, adventures, you name it. I was humbled that he would ask my opinion. I knew Henry for only a brief period, the last ten years of his life, but have been incredibly enriched by that association. I told him I had an idea for a book, but that it was a really hard job. He said, if it was easy, someone else would have done it already! So I went out, after he passed away, and wrote the book “Fishing Fever, Fishing the Fraser River, Mission to Hope” which has been a best seller since 1999. Almost 4,000 copies have been sold to date. A Canadian best seller is considered to be 5,000 copies.
    Thank you, Henry.

    • Thanks Eileen. Your book will be a best seller too! It is a fabulous and comprehensive one that all outdoors folks and people who love to fish really do need if they want to successfully fish this area of the Fraser River.

  2. I have walked the Coquitlam River since I was young, and continue to do so. I lost touch with Ray, we are about the same age, hope all is well with him. In my walks a few times I came across Henry, and we would chat about the river and its condition. Only years after his death did I realize that he was Ray’s father! Henry sowed the seeds for a lot of people who still care about this river; he would be proud of how many people are involved today in attempting to give it the protection it deserves. In respect of Henry I always call a little stream on the eastern side of the river, Prante Creek, always thought that I should try and get it properly gazetted one day. It is a little stream that enters the main Coquitlam River, near the end of Galette park, he knew it well. In my ongoing research into the Coquitlam River I always found the newspaper articles from Henry to be inspiring. Today, I manage the Hoy-Scott hatchery. I see that a few of us still remember him, I know Eileen above too! Henry may be gone, but he is not forgotten. Cheers

    • Thanks Niall. Wow amazing! Great to hear from you!

      I remember my Dad speaking of you as well! He would be very pleased that people like you care about the river still– and that what he and all you others were doing was not in vain.

      My brother Ray is also enjoying life and travels. Eileen is doing really well with her book too!

      Hope to hear from you again soon.


    • Hi Niall… I never heard back from you. 🙁 Hope all is well. Is the Hoy-Scott Hatchery now the one named after Al Grist? Please contact me. Thanks.

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