The Town and Surrounding Area of Atlin, British Columbia

The town of Atlin, BC and the surrounding area fascinated my Dad, Henry E Prante. He was drawn to it like a moth to a flame and literally craved his hunting trip there in the fall of each year. I think his love of the poems of Robert Service, along with the novel the Call of the Wild by Jack London really got him addicted to the North Country wilderness. Dad could recite “The Cremation of Sam McGee” off by heart. Our family honoured Dad’s wishes and his ashes are scattered here in Atlin. There is a plaque in his memory on the local cemetery wall. I will post some pictures of this old cemetery in another blog post.

In a previous post I featured the SS Klondike and its’ value to the North for transportation.

In Atlin, there sits another paddlewheeler passenger boat from the same era, the M.V Tarahne. It now sits at the foot of Atlin and features a quaint dining room where you can view the majestic Atlin Mountain.

This will be the first time I will be able to actually go there and visit the area for myself, courtesy of my brother Ray Prante, who does so much for our family all the time, and is an unsung hero in his own right. I am really happy I am able to publish his beautiful pictures here for others to enjoy as well.

Atlin Lake is the headwaters for the mighty Yukon River of the Klondike Gold Rush Lore that sprouted in 1898. There was a lot of Gold found here starting at Pine Creek.

My Dad also wrote a novel set in the Atlin area called Trapper’s Castle. He wrote it way back in the early 1970’s. I am editing it now for publication.

Both Harold Colwell and his wife are proficient moose hunters and are featured in several of the photos here. They live in Atlin all year round.

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Image # 1.

Pine Creek where gold rush began here in 1898

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About Hella

I am working on publishing all of my father, Henry E Prante's treasure trove of hunting adventure stories as well as his only novel. His first book, Great Hunting Adventures was first published in 1985 and is now available via e-book, from Dad also saved all relevant material related to his work with the Port Coquitlam Hunting and Fishing Club and their involvement in the conservation movement and in saving the Coquitlam River and its tributaries for future generations. This part of BC history deserves to be preserved as well. Needless to say, it is a monumental task and will take some time. Henry also travelled through the Yukon in order to get to his beloved Atlin BC. I will endeavour to provide maps and links from Parks Canada or the towns up north and pictures my brother Ray takes on his trips north.

7 thoughts on “The Town and Surrounding Area of Atlin, British Columbia

  1. Hella
    My dad was also a big game hunter and I had the privledge of going with him and my mom and spending 5 weeks in Atlin BC in 1965. My and my mom stayed in Atlin while dad went on hunting trip with a local outfitter, George Esertza. I just happened to run across your website and thought I would say hello.
    Bob Reitz

    • Hi Bob 🙂 Nice to meet you! Wow that must have been a fabulous adventure for you! I didn’t have enough time up north to suit me so am hoping to get back up there next year– or the year after.

      If you have any memories and/or pictures you want me to post please let me know. I don’t know the outfitter, but perhaps the Colwell’s who live in Atlin might. Or maybe Sandy Lamberton might remember him as well. I am just going through the pictures/slides and my Dad’s notes and finding names and phone numbers now. Where are you located now? Do you have a website?

      I hope to hear from you again soon.


      • Hella
        Thanks for your reply.
        I made a trip back to Atlin in 2006 to see what all had changed since I was there in 1965 and it was amazing how little the place had changed. I asked some of the locals in the cafe about the whereabouts of any of the Esertza family and they told me Arnold was working for the school district in Whitehorse but I was not able to find him. One of his sisters named Beverely had quite a crush on me when I was there in 65 and sent me letters for months after I returned to Ft. Worth Texas. I lost contact with her and think she may be living in Telegraph Creek just south of Atlin but I haven’t been able to verify that. I love they country up there and would like to go back and live there for at least a full year to experience all of the seasons. Any info you might happen to run across that you are will to share would be great.
        I don’t have a website. I will look thru my pictures and see what I have that you might like to post.
        I now live just south of Ft. Worth TX.

        Good luck.

        • Thanks Bob. My brother has friends up that way and I will ask him to look into it and see if he can find your friends for you. I will post your pix too thanks. Wow you are a long way from me! I would love to spend a year up north too 🙂 Will email you later. Thanks again for contacting me.

  2. hi there,
    i am from the uk but my brother lives in Edmonton AB. in 2006 we made a trip to the Yukon as my wifes great uncle was in Atlin in 1898-1899 gold rush and we have his diaries to prove it. we passed through Atlin as he did to find his claim on Pine Creek .It was an exciting time for we two. Just to go where he went, made us wish we had met him. we had 5 weeks around the Yukon wish we had have had longer. weather was just the same as in the diaries and the dates were the same.

    • Thanks for writing to me, Dave. Pine Creek is amazing!!! Is he buried in the Old Atlin Cemetery? My Dad’s plaque is on the wall there. I want to go up there again…so am aiming for next spring. It is fabulous and I know why my Dad had to go every year! I hope you publish those diaries. I am going to publish some of my Dad’s… and the Atlin Diaries in particular will get done in the next few months. All the best to you!

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