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One of the companies I want to link with is because they offer very good quality outdoor equipment supplies for folks like my Dad was. He would have been delighted that he could actually shop from his armchair while planning his next hunting or fishing trip. I bet he would have spent more too 🙂 But sadly he never got a chance to see the Internet.

All this new equipment just boggles the mind!  Check them out on Twitter too: @CampFishHunt

Another great site with a newsletter is . Please check them out and sign up.

Sorry it has been awhile since I posted anything here. I have been trying to learn more about WordPress, SEO, and Google Analytics and adding links to my blog here and so forth.

I will endeavour to get proper linking happening soon and keep plugging away at this when I get back from Whitehorse and Atlin. I hope to blog some from up there and add more pictures too.


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About Hella

I am working on publishing all of my father, Henry E Prante's treasure trove of hunting adventure stories as well as his only novel. His first book, Great Hunting Adventures was first published in 1985 and is now available via e-book, from Dad also saved all relevant material related to his work with the Port Coquitlam Hunting and Fishing Club and their involvement in the conservation movement and in saving the Coquitlam River and its tributaries for future generations. This part of BC history deserves to be preserved as well. Needless to say, it is a monumental task and will take some time. Henry also travelled through the Yukon in order to get to his beloved Atlin BC. I will endeavour to provide maps and links from Parks Canada or the towns up north and pictures my brother Ray takes on his trips north.

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