Campsite at the Hunting Grounds at Gladys Lake, BC 1975 & Dall sheep head from Atlin 1979

Image # 1.

Henry is doing what he loved to do: Just sitting and chatting with great company like his hunting partners, Frank Apel, Horst Pothmann and Wayne Goesen who took the photo all the while smoking his pipe and enjoying the supernatural outdoors of British Columbia while planning for the next day’s hunt. The following link is for BC Parks but in particular Gladys Lake.

His book, Great Hunting Adventures (Volume I) covers 11 different adventures which include both Sandy Lamberton who provided this photo, as well as Horst Pothmann who is also now sadly missed.

Image # 2.

Dall Sheep Atlin BC 1979

Received the above photo courtesy of Sandy Lamberton who was one of Henry’s hunting partners and was there on this trip to Atlin in the fall of 1979 along with Wally Buerger in the following picture.

Image # 3. Dall Sheep

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About Hella

I am working on publishing all of my father, Henry E Prante's treasure trove of hunting adventure stories as well as his only novel. His first book, Great Hunting Adventures was first published in 1985 and is now available via e-book, from Dad also saved all relevant material related to his work with the Port Coquitlam Hunting and Fishing Club and their involvement in the conservation movement and in saving the Coquitlam River and its tributaries for future generations. This part of BC history deserves to be preserved as well. Needless to say, it is a monumental task and will take some time. Henry also travelled through the Yukon in order to get to his beloved Atlin BC. I will endeavour to provide maps and links from Parks Canada or the towns up north and pictures my brother Ray takes on his trips north.

8 thoughts on “Campsite at the Hunting Grounds at Gladys Lake, BC 1975 & Dall sheep head from Atlin 1979

    • Hi Laurie. Sorry but the free download is over. I just edited it out. My Dad used to go for a weekend or a week or so here and there but his main hunting trip was at least 4 weeks at the end of September every year. He fished as well.

  1. I was recently chatting with my Dad, Frank Apel, about Atlin Lake so I went online to look at photos and came across your blog. What a surprise to see a hunting photo of your dad and mine. The fellow in the camper doesn’t look like Sandy to me so it must be Horst. My dad has fond memories of those trips. I don’t remember if I met you as a child but I do remember meeting Ray and a summer in Peachland at the Bergen’s cabin.

    • I mean’t to say that might be Elton in the camper but I do recognize your Dad with his pipe and my Dad, he still has that hunting hat.

    • Hi Jodi

      Wow! Nice to hear from you! Please give your Mom and Dad my best wishes. I remember them and also might have met you at the Schuetzenfests. I have a whole lot of pix I am scanning now from my Dad’s slides. Do you mind if I post more pix of your Mom and Dad?

      Sandy said Horst was guy the with broom in the camper. If you have pictures and stories to post I would love to do that here too. Just let me know. I will let Ray know I heard from you as well 🙂

      Have a great day! I read your posts to my Mom too and she says hi and to give her best wishes to your family.


  2. Hi there, very interesting, bringing back lots of memories of time spent with your mom and Dad, listening to all his stories….are you living in Maple Ridge? I hope to get over your way after Xmas, would love to see your mom and yourselves. I have some pictures(somewhere). I have put them in a safe place..need I say more….

    Take care. Annabelle

    • Hi Annabelle. Great to hear from you too. I told my Mom who lives in Maple Ridge that I heard from you 🙂 She sends you her best wishes too. I am in Coquitlam, but my brother Ray is in Maple Ridge. We would love to see you when you come. I have been storing all these photos slides for 20 years. It’s time I got scanning them in. But it will take me a month of Sundays to accomplish it.

      I have re-published my Dad’s book in eBook format and it is free to download until December the 6th. If you want to get it in that format then please also tell anyone you know who might enjoy it where to find it.



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