DIY: In the Workshop With Henry Series Volume 1 Now Available on Amazon

Hi. Sorry I have been slow to get more DIY books together and published. But finally…I managed to get 2 more Simple How-To articles together and combined these with the 49 Easy Steps to Build  Your Own Marsh Fox Duck Punt. These are as follows:

1.  49 Easy Steps to Build  Your Own “Marsh Fox” Duck Punt (Kindle Edition). In the Workshop With Henry Series. You can  use this link:

 I have added the materials list that somehow mysteriously disappeared from the other first versions.

2)  17 Easy Steps to Build Your Own Portable “Camp Kitchen”: In the Workshop With Henry Series (“In the Workshop with Henry” Book 2) [Kindle Edition]    Link:

3)   21 Easy Steps to Build Your Complete Gun & Ammo “Compact” Case: “In the Workshop with Henry” The link is:  (I will make a new cover over the weekend))

Product Details

For your convenience I have combines all 3 eBooks into 1 Print book that is now available as well from Amazon. Thanks for bearing with me.



The Town and Surrounding Area of Atlin, British Columbia


This gallery contains 18 photos.

The town of Atlin, BC and the surrounding area fascinated my Dad, Henry E Prante. He was drawn to it like a moth to a flame and literally craved his hunting trip there in the fall of each year. I … Continue reading

Coquitlam River Not Endangered According to City Councillor


I think this is of interest as there is a huge contradiction happening here. I wonder where the truth really lies? Our whole planet seems to be endangered.This River and it’s tributaries that lead into the mighty Fraser River and then … Continue reading

Welcome to Teslin, Yukon


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My Dad always spoke of this area as well when he talked of his many hunting trips here and then on to Atlin, BC. It is very beautiful here, too.  Check out these links here for further information. and Ray … Continue reading

Ray Prante’s fishing trip with the McIlvaney’s for Northern Pike and Lake Trout


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My brother Ray went north to meet up with our family friends, Chris and Jim McIlvaney who used to live in Port Coquitlam years ago but moved up north to the Yukon and never looked back. I can’t say as … Continue reading

Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam and BC history along with Henry E. Prante’s stories

I have in my possession a phenomenal amount of documents in the form of new clippings, notes, photos and slides along with all of Henry’s notebooks and other personal data. The cataloguing of it will take some time. If there are any historians out there who would be interested in assisting me with this, I would be delighted.