Grizzly Bear Pix Eating Clover

Here are more photos of Grizzly Bears taken from the car by Ray Prante up in the Northern British Columbia Rocky Mountain region. I guess these bears were busy eating and didn’t mind him taking their pictures.

I sure would rather see people take pictures rather than kill them if they are not being dangerous to people.

BC Government Hunting Information:

Grizzly Bear Country

Article from David Suzuki regarding Grizzly Bear Hunting for trophies:

Article regarding Top 10 Reasons Why Hunting Helps Grizzly Conservation in British Columbia:

As for myself, I am not always sure what is the right thing to do– but I do not like animals killed for trophies. My Dad brought the bear meat home and we ate it too. Bear meat is great and tastes like Black Forest Ham when smoked. The bacon tasted like Canadian Back Bacon as well.



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I am working on publishing all of my father, Henry E Prante's treasure trove of hunting adventure stories as well as his only novel. His first book, Great Hunting Adventures was first published in 1985 and is now available via e-book, from Dad also saved all relevant material related to his work with the Port Coquitlam Hunting and Fishing Club and their involvement in the conservation movement and in saving the Coquitlam River and its tributaries for future generations. This part of BC history deserves to be preserved as well. Needless to say, it is a monumental task and will take some time. Henry also travelled through the Yukon in order to get to his beloved Atlin BC. I will endeavour to provide maps and links from Parks Canada or the towns up north and pictures my brother Ray takes on his trips north.

4 thoughts on “Grizzly Bear Pix Eating Clover

  1. i am a hunter and i believe that you should only hunt it if you are going to eat it but with that said there are places that where you can donate wild game meat to help feed the hungry so that is ok to but yes you should not hunt just for trophies

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