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Henry E Prante Back in the Good Old Days

Henry was heavily involved in working toward saving the environment for future generations of hunters, fishermen and women, as well as the general population. He worked hard alongside all the various groups to bring public awareness to the destruction of the fish habitat that was occuring from the siltation caused by the gravel operators.He and members of the Port Coquitlam & District Hunting & Fishing Club worked hard in their conservation efforts to save the salmon and other fish that were fast dying out. This club and its members were involved in creating the Al Grist fish hatchery that has brought a real viable fishery back to the Coquitlam River and its tributaries.

I remember all the time and effort he and Sandy Lamberton, Al Grist, Dr. Peter Fankboner; Bill Otway, Horst Pothmann, Frank Apel, Helga Dohrendorf and countless more put into this. I will be listing everyone’s names in a separate post once I find Dad’s contact list again because I do want to give all of them credit. Many of those people that I remember have also now passed on.


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2 thoughts on “About Henry E Prante

  1. Hello, I’m living in Germany and my english isn’t goog. I’ll hope you can understand a little. In the beginning of the 1970s Uncle Henry visit my family in Germany. My Grandmas Name also was Prante before she married. I think, she was a sister from Hernys Dad. I also write with Wayne, but te contact was cut. So I don’t know, how to contact Wayne an his family. Maybe it’s possible about this site.

    Liebe Grüße
    Andrea Brandt (Krause)

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